Welcome to MJS Recycling Ltd. We are a reputable waste management company based in the UK, serving both Domestic Skip Hire and commercial clients. We have been providing quality waste management services for several years, and we flatter ourselves on our commitment to reducing the impact of waste on the environment.

One of the benefits we propose to our domestic clients is to skip hire. Best Skip hire near me is an essential service for homeowners carrying out home renovations or who have accumulated a significant amount of waste they cannot dispose of through regular rubbish collections. Today, we will closely examine domestic skip hire and how it can benefit you.

What Is Domestic Skip Hire?

Domestic skip hire is a service that allows homeowners to rent a skip and dispose of their waste. Skips come in different sizes, from mini skips for small amounts of waste to large skips for significant waste removal projects. At MJS Recycling Ltd, we have a range of skips to suit all your needs, and our pleasant crew can assist you in choosing the right size for your project.

Benefits Of Domestic Skip Hire


One of the most significant benefits of domestic skip hire is convenience. Rather than taking several trips to the local tip, you can have a skip delivered to your property, fill it with your waste, and manage it at a time that fits you. This service saves you time and energy, making waste removal more manageable.

Cost Effective

Hiring a skip may seem expensive, but it can be a cost-effective key in the long run. If you were to take several trips to the tip, you would have to pay for fuel and potentially incur additional costs for disposing of certain types of waste. With skip hire, you pay a one-off fee, and we take care of the rest.


Skip hire can also be safer than taking waste to the tip yourself. Large items or heavy debris can be challenging to transport, and there is a risk of injury. You can bypass this trouble by hiring a skip, and our experienced team will handle the skip delivery and collection.


Skip hire is a versatile service that can be used for various projects. Whether carrying out a home renovation, clearing your garden, or decluttering your home, a skip can make waste removal more manageable. We have a capacity of skip sizes to suit all your needs, and our crew can assist you in deciding the proper one for your project.


Here at MJS Recycling, we specialise in providing a comprehensive skip hire service that can be personalized to meet the specific requirements of all our clients.

Choosing The Right Skip Size

At MJS Recycling Ltd, we keep a range of skip sizes to serve all your needs. Here is a breakdown of our skip sizes and what they are suitable for:

  • Mini Skip – 2 cubic yards –Suitable for small amounts of waste, such as garden waste, small DIY projects, or home decluttering.
  • Midi Skip – 4 cubic yards –Suitable for larger DIY projects, small bathroom or kitchen renovations, or garden waste.
  • Builder’s Skip – 6 cubic yards –Suitable for more extensive home renovation projects, such as bathroom or kitchen refits or for disposing of bulky waste.
  • Maxi Skip – 8 cubic yards –Suitable for significant home renovation projects, such as house extensions, or for disposing of large amounts of bulky waste.


In conclusion, domestic skip hire is an essential service for homeowners who need to dispose of waste. At MJS Recycling Ltd, we offer a range of skip sizes to suit all your needs, and our professional crew can assist you in selecting the right one for your project. Hiring a skip can be a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly option, and it can save you time and energy compared to taking waste to the tip yourself. When you choose us for your skip-hire needs, you can confidently choose a reliable and professional waste management company.

Get In Touch With MJS Recycling Ltd

Domestic skip hire is an excellent service for homeowners who need to dispose of waste. At MJS Recycling Ltd, we offer a range of skip sizes to suit all your needs, and our professional crew can help you choose the right one for your project. In addition, to skip hire, we also present a range of different waste management services, including commercial waste management, hazardous waste disposal, and confidential waste disposal. Whatever your waste management needs, we can provide a solution tailored to your requirements.

If you are interested in Domestic Skip Hire or any of our other waste management services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is consistently pleased to help, and we can provide you with a no-obligation quote. You can reach us by phone, email or via our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Skip in Slough Companies

With a bit of know-how and some smart decisions, you can without difficulty maintain the prices of your Skip in Slough down while you get your skip hire quote.

Get Quotes, Shop Around

The first component you have to do while buying any item or provider is saving around a bit. Get costs from some one-of-a-kind skip hire companies, and ensure you are becoming an affordable price. Try to get expenses from four or five firms, as this could provide you with a correct idea of how a good deal the average fee is.

Donate, Sell or Recycle Waste

Not the entirety you do not want is trash. If you eliminate old objects that you now do not need but can be usable, recollect donating or selling them. And if they aren’t well worth promoting, see if you could recycle them at your nearby waste recycling and waste answer recycling facilities.

Getting rid of gadgets this way before you let a skip can substantially reduce the quantity of waste you want to do away with. Which in turn reduces the size of the skip hire you need, and the rate of hiring that hire will come down with it.

Items that you’ll be capable of promoting or donating encompass antique furnishings, fittings, lawn ornaments, and much more.

Recycling has many benefits beyond just saving you a few monies on your skip hire;
  • SAVE ENERGY: A lot of strength (and money) is expended in extracting natural sources while we may be reusing the seeds we’ve got already removed by recycling.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: With round, eighteen million tonnes of CO2 saved on my way to recycling, this is a big way we can help shield our surroundings. Visit
  • CONSERVE RESOURCES: By reusing materials that have already been extracted and refined. Also, we not only guard the environment against additional damage but also conserve those resources for the future.
Despite those benefits, many human beings do not recycle. And it isn’t always hard to see why;
  • Recycling is not the most convenient activity, and the truth that it is frequently visible as a variety of work is a large part of why people do now not recycle greater.
  • Many humans no longer adequately separate different gadgets when recycling instead of throwing everything into the same bin. Having a separate compartment for recyclable items can assist in this admire.
  • There is a popular sentiment in society that recycling is a waste of time and would not truly help something. The reality is that recycling is a good-sized weapon in the struggle towards global warming.

MJS Recycling needn’t experience as a chore. With a bit of planning and the proper body of mind, you can’t only assist defend the environment but deliver your Skip in Slough prices down as nicely. C

Book Ahead of Time:

Though now not continually the case, a few skip corporations will offer discounts for reserving earlier. Or, possibly more significant appropriately, consequences for booking at the final minute. Whichever way you examine it, it means extra money if you wait till you need the skip hire to get it ordered.

Avoid Council Permits Where Possible:

You might not be capable of keeping away from setting your skip hire on public land; however, if it’s far in any respect possible to vicinity your access on your personal property. You could save cash on the permits, in case you stay in an area that would require them. You also can employ your skip hire company’s wait policy. Alos, if your waste is already heaped up and ready to go, with a purpose to help you avoid the more price of a allow.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Removal

Many skips hire companies to have a robust dedication to recycling. As a lot of the waste they collect is viable—as plenty as eighty to 90 per cent. Once recyclable material has looked after, the rest is often dispose of in landfills.

How Long Can You Hire a Skip For?

With the advent of limitless period skip hires, there may be no limit on how long you could hire a skip hire; it all relies upon what your skip hire company offers. Skip in Slough intervals are usually between in the future and two weeks.